Another Way to Shine in Teamwork: Being a Star Follower

What is Appreciated Followership?

First, we should be aware that followership is not an antonym of “leadership”, rather, they are supplementary. We could imagine “leadership” as a piece of a jigsaw puzzle, it is impossible for the “leader” to fit into the whole picture if it doesn’t match the vacant positions in the puzzle, which are the “followers” (as shown in the picture below). On the other hand, the vacant positions will never be filled if they missed the corresponding “leader” piece. In other words, leaders always need followers support and followers can’t go without leaders. That is to say, leadership and followership are equally indispensable for a team to succeed.

Image Source

Important Traits for Star Followers

After identifying the significance of followership and having a general understanding of what is a good followership, I would like to share four tips that I summarized from my practicum experience of how to become a star follower to shine in teamwork.



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Would like to be that unnoticed and that necessary.